Donna M. Mitchell, MBA

Donna Mitchell serves as the principal and president of Destiny Management Services, LLC (Destiny), a full service business solutions provider. Ms. Mitchell founded Destiny in 1996 and has directed the strategic expansion of the organization to encompass consulting services that include fiscal oversight, financial modeling, financial management oversight, due diligence, and business re-engineering. Ms. Mitchell not only provides Destiny with strategic direction and corporate oversight, she practices the tenets of servant leadership in working with a diverse professional staff involved in multi-disciplinary consulting endeavors.

Ms. Mitchell has expertise in the analysis of financial statements, budget forecasting and adjudication, internal control strategies, accounting principles, as well as audit and compliance reviews. In her role as Destiny’s principal, Ms. Mitchell maintains the corporate accounting system and has developed, in conjunction with the executive staff, the requisite infrastructure for the efficient functioning of the firm. Her exemplary knowledge of financial statements, the preparation for pre-post audit award audits, cost and pricing analysis, as well as Chief Financial Officer functionalities allows Ms. Mitchell to work with all levels of senior Federal Government and private sector leaders.

Ms. Mitchell provides an organizationally integrated marketing strategy that has allowed Destiny to expand into new innovative business arenas over its history as a consulting firm. She serves as the firm's key representative and business interpreter to the wider Federal Government, as well as to state and local agencies requiring Destiny's business acumen. Ms. Mitchell is a visionary and continually strives to improve and enhance Destiny's corporate client service.