Linda M. Barnes
Director of Transportation Division

Linda M. Barnes serves as the Destiny Director of Transportation Division, a business line that seeks to expand the corporate footprint in Federal Government departments and agencies relevant to transportation-related professional services: financial management, financial management overview, and fiscal integrity matters. Ms. Barnes brings a wealth of expertise and applied experience in this arena, as she is recently retired from the US Federal Transit Administration (FTA) where her career included numerous leadership and program directorships pertaining to fiscal affairs.

Ms. Barnes most recent Federal tenure included providing expert oversight for the FTA Financial Management Oversight (FMO) program, functionality with an annual budget of $10M. She developed contracts and oversaw the procurement of specialized services in support of the FMO program. She worked with a diverse staff involved with the identification of program needs, the articulation of policy and management solutions, as well as the implementation of the contract closeout processes.

Earlier in her Federal FTA career, Ms. Barnes developed and implemented a financial oversight review designed to meet the increasing FTA concern relevant to the use of innovative financial practices within the transit industry. She developed executive briefings for senior transit industry and Federal officials concerned with innovative changes that impacted transit organizations nationwide.

Ms. Barnes extensive professional experience in transit policy and oversight programs included responsibility for the development and implementation of the National Grantee Risk Assessment program (NGRA). She not only worked with senior agency officials in the design and execution of risk determination processes, she was the FTA point person to respond to various congressional inquiries pertaining to the NGRA program. Her involvement included the re-design of the Oversight Tracking System (OTrak), and she received commendations for her outstanding contributions.

During her tenure with the FTA Office of Oversight, she was selected to attend an Executive Leadership Program with the USDA Graduate School. This one-year experience provided Ms. Barnes with additional conceptual and theoretical expertise relevant to executive leadership and management tenets. As part of her educational background, Ms. Barnes completed a leadership program conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business. She has additional education credits in Business Administration, Prince Georges Community College.