MOBIS Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services

Under GSA's MOBIS Schedule 874, Destiny provides services and solutions to help customers improve the management and effectiveness of their organizations through the use of specialized consulting, facilitation, survey and training services. These services are an important part of Destiny's business. During our history, Destiny has been one of the largest providers of business process reengineering support to the Department of Defense, working through the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the services, regional commands, and operating agencies. We have also successfully completed many business improvement projects for other federal agencies such as the United States Department of Agriculture, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Internal Revenue Service. Using the methodologies, tools, and techniques of business process redesign, Destiny helps executives and managers systematically examine their business enterprises to identify and implement changes that can significantly improve performance, cost effectiveness, quality, and customer satisfaction. Destiny is listed on the GSA MOBIS Schedule specifically for its training program.

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