Melcon Pearmon

Melcom A. Pearmon
Chief Operating Officer

Melcom A. Pearmon as the Director of Finance and Administration and has been promoted to serve as the corporate Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Pearmon brings enthusiasm, creative approaches, and innovative solutions to even the more routine business challenges that present themselves in the conduct of Destiny's daily work affairs. He is tasked to provide strategic and tactical leadership in the financial and fiscal direction of the organization. Mr. Pearmon has exemplary business acumen that enhances his efforts to provide sound fiscal oversight and financial integrity throughout the Destiny organization.

Mr. Pearmon is an accountant and has academic certification that includes forensic accounting. He has outstanding problem solving and issue resolution competencies that allow him to provide sound practical solutions to seemingly insurmountable issues. Mr. Pearmon is a senior member of the Destiny leadership team and has been with the organization since 1999.