On Point


Reliable operation of the enterprise network is no longer just a business utility – it has become a necessity for business survival. Information and network technology have evolved beyond a way to improve productivity and decrease cost, to strategic resources for competing in a global marketplace. Economic and competitive pressures force enterprises to derive the greatest possible business value from the transfer of information and knowledge. An effective IT infrastructure has become key to obtaining information faster, from more sources.

This "IT revolution" is being driven by demands for faster network access, more bandwidth, distributed client/server computing, and new multimedia applications including streaming video. The rate of technology change and a corporation's acceptance of technology as a business enabler have served to complicate and challenge internal IT service organizations. New computing platforms and complex enterprise-wide application packages promise enterprises more agile, more competitive environments for business, but installing, upgrading, and maintaining these complex systems is often a daunting task.

Destiny, using its proven processes and procedures, as well as its broad knowledge of existing and next generation network technology, can quickly and accurately assess network situations, effectively diagnose current problems, and anticipate future needs. Destiny's Network Management services use a flexible, engineering approach to meet customer's network needs. DMS's delivery and implementation services are structured and managed to create a harmonious performance of process, tools, technology, and people.

As the product of Destiny's expertise in technology analysis, development, design, integration, and management, our Network Management services ensure the highest levels of current network performance and reliability, while anticipating business requirements into the next millennium.