Our corporate aim is to provide individualized consulting service that meets the exact needs of any type and size of organization seeking reliable and innovative business solutions and practices.

Most recently, Destiny has established a Joint Venture that qualifies as an 8(a) firm, The Lewis, Price & Destiny Group, LLC (Lewis, Price, Destiny). We perform financial management, accounting, conference management, compliance and management services that include a broad spectrum of operations, organizational development, administration, and program management.

In 2009, Destiny expanded its business and established a joint venture, DMS-RMW Associates JV, LLC, which is a Small Business Administration (SBA) approved, Certified Public Accountants (CPA) firm. DMS-RMW Associates JV, LLC was established between two dynamic, woman-owned financial management firms.

Joint Ventures Partnership
    8(a) Partner  
Lewis, Price & Destiny Lewis, Price & Destiny Group, LLC LPA Lewis, Price & Associates, Inc.
    SDVOB Partners  
    WHG The Washington Harris Group
          MEGI Mitchell Enterprises Global, Inc.
    Corporate Partners  
    Resnick Reznick Group
    Symbiot Symbiont
    Cherry Cherry Bekaert & Holland
    GT Grant Thornton