On Point


As a provider in healthcare staffing and management solutions, Destiny can provide the balance you need to effectively manage your staff and achieve your financial, operational, and clinical goals. We connect hospitals, Military Treatment Facilities (MTF), and healthcare providers with highly qualified, full or part-time healthcare professionals in a variety of specialized disciplines.

One very important measure of success is the ability to retain staff. While we have the same challenges as most in recruiting in remote areas, we have retained 98% of our contract staff. We have had instances where the staff has returned to us after illness or relocation because we treat our staff with care, equity, and excellent compensation and benefits.

Destiny bases employment, compensation, individual salaries, and promotion decisions on objective, job-related criteria in accordance with the principles of equal opportunity. We use valid requirements for personnel actions and decisions. Our salary and benefits package is competitive in order to retain qualified personnel. As a result, our salary information is typically derived from national benchmarks as well as prevailing state and local wages. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive benefits package, including: 401(k) plan, vacation and paid leave, comprehensive medical, dental and vision health plans, life insurance, disability, bonus, and accidental death/dismemberment coverage. We work closely with credentialing coordinators, senior recruiters, and hospitals or healthcare facilities' credentialing staff to obtain talented staff and ensure employees meet all required standards. In addition, we perform criminal background investigations through various state law enforcement entities.