On Point


Destiny offers specialized consulting services to assist the transit industry in meeting the requirements of Federally funded programs.  A well-functioning transportation network is critical to the Nation’s prosperity, as it plays a vital role in the safe and economical means of passenger transport.  A viable transit system can attract and retain businesses, promote employment opportunities, and support jobs.  The Destiny concept is one of simplicity — provide the skill set required to manage the Federal funds entrusted to provide transit services to the riding public.  The outcome is a work force with the knowledge and understanding of the implementation practices to produce the intended results of the federal award while meeting regulatory requirements. Destiny has developed specific expertise in reviewing and assisting transit agencies throughout the U.S. in meeting Federal transportation requirements. 

Destiny provides these services to promote continued efficiency in organizational management, grant administration, and service delivery in a growing and changing industry.  Transit providers are faced with the difficult tasks of rising operational costs and the need to provide safe and inexpensive modes of transportation while maintaining a knowable work force.

Please contact transportation@destinymgmtsvcs.com for more information.

The Destiny consulting services ensures:

  • Effective organizational development
  • Improved management skills
  • Efficient grant management
  • Federal regulatory compliance
  • Medical Preparedness safety
  • Operator safety programs
  • Consistent financial management practices
  • Audit preparation